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There is so much to this world that we don’t know or can’t conceive. Being mindful, or self-aware is the main key to discovering and connecting to all the world’s wonders, gifts to us. 

Intuition has different meanings to different individuals. To some, it is their guardian angel. To others, it’s their universal mind. To others, it may be science not yet discovered. Everything in the world is a sign directing towards what you need. 

      One thing I have discovered and live by is this: Focus your attention on the question or topic you wish answered. The more focus you put in, the more energy is put out into the universe, which acts as a beacon. The answers will draw to you from myriad forms of assistance: books, songs, snippets of conversations you hear, internet links, bumper stickers, movies, etc.. Even a feeling in your gut can be a sign. Life is a lot easier living this way. The key is to truly believe in this natural power. The more you use it, the more it becomes a natural thing you do. 

There is documented evidence that man has the ability, a super-power, if you will, and has demonstrated it. Powers, such as, the ability to read minds, foretell the future, materialize form, transcend time and space, communicate with other lifeforms, and control the elements. For decades, newspapers have chronicled bits about incredible strength that was considered super-human, as well as  super-intelligence, being studied by scholars and researchers for centuries. 

     However, of even greater importance, is the fact that certain men and women on earth have discovered the secret to totally harmonious living, where there is no illness or aging, lack or limitation, failure or futility. What is it that gives these people such extraordinary characteristics?

     Take energy for example. The entire universe is made up of it. It never dies. Energy is the one presence and power of the universe. It's all-knowing, all-loving, everywhere-present. This pure mind energy is individualized in man, as man. 

     These few who have reached the point of mastery have this to say to everyone, "You live in this world, but you're not of it. You're from a higher realm, with only a spark of remembrance in your deeper mind of all that you once were, and can be again. You must fan that spark. You must awaken to the power within you. Not only for yourself, but for the good of all mankind."

     The truth is, man by himself is only a victim of circumstances, but when linked with this power, everything is possible. Man (and woman) enters a new realm of energy that is so superior to his so-called 'human consciousness' that his actions will stagger the imagination of the average person. 


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    Apr 09, 2019

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