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You just wait I'm get so skinny 

I'm be so skinny 

You'll be sorry you called  me fat 

God will bless me before you're eye's. 

I stopped eating again 

I'm get so cute and skinny 

You gonna regret 

Then you'll be screaming that your jealous 

Your rude 

God's gonna bless me in front of your face 

I'm beginning to go without food 

Then you and you're mommy can tag team lol 

I thought you said she didn't love you 

But that's okay 

God's gonna bless me 


  • David Doman

    David Doman

    check your grammar. you might have written this piece fast, and i can get a sense of what is trying to be said. but many grammar mistakes!! just a suggestion, and trying not to be rude, but make you a better writer.

    Apr 09, 2019

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