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How many times have I cried to the moon 

Shredded tears 

And felt like I was walking in a world full of hate 

How many year's have it been now since I been a mess Now 

Could God heal a broken heart 

Could he fix the mess you made in me 

Moon how many years have I wondered this 

Because I am surrounded in her toxic circle of random hate 

Had me tired of her 

I got tired of being nice...  Got tired of playing Cinderella. 

I finally  defended myself 

And I promised I will no longer hold open door's 

You don't step on me no more 

I step over you...  Don't get to point fingers in my face 

I am so much happier you're no longer apart of my life 

I found happiness in not being demanded what to do by a stranger in my families home. 

You can run and lie I am gonna stay in my blood 

Go run tell half the story... 

Karma is karma you're going o face a bigger karma soon 

Until you knock your shit off 

Isn't cute,  you're not funny 

You're just plan straight out selfish and because of your shit 

I now hate you for being such a psychopathic liar 

Tell the full story...  Or stop running around with your can of worm's in Facebook and messenger 


  • Apr 09, 2019

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