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Noone is born with bipolar 

Do not let people lie to you 

Bipolar is a depression 

It is created from abuse,  sexual abuse,  neglect and it is caused by stress 

If something bothering you then say something. 

Because Bipolar is a form of stress built up 

Noone is borned with Bipolar  they are diagnosed with it because of stress 

Even being in a car accident can cause bipolar 

It is stress to the nerves and hormones. 

Bipolar is nothing to be ashamed of because it is a person under stress and they can't help themselves 

A.person may be bipolar because they were raped 

It is  a stress built 

You can't be born with that. 

Do not let people lie to you,  you can't be born with it 

A baby can't have bipolar 


  • David Doman

    David Doman

    bipolar IS biological. It IS in our DNA. Thats why only certain people get it. If it was only caused by environmental factors, then more people would be diagnosed!!

    Apr 09, 2019

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