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I shouldn't had to live like that.  I want my life back. 

I was normal till she ruined me 

I'm killing myself slowly because I lived year's of torment and torture. 

I won't keep quiet for them no more 

I am so tired of killing myself for her. 

Why do I have to live like this 


I got tired of running away for help 

Why couldn't you see 

I am so tired and frustrated 

And she's gonna forever taunt me 

I wanna die 😖

I just need to escape this body and get away from her demon soul 

I am so tired of hurting myself 

If that's the case mabie I will let the bitch,  the next bitch just break my throat 

I'm so tired and I ache  and she's still gonna play over and over 

Because you let her get away with it

And now my sister  has to suffer 

Did we deserve to be choked.  We're slaves?

Do I deserve to be dead 

I feel dead spending year's in misery 

I want to die because I am probably gonna be in pain forever and she's still there haunting me. 

I hate my life 

Please help me out of this trap. 

Or the bitch is gonna make me explode 

I am having migraines. 

I can't take it anymore 

I just wish I would have let her kill me.  It was discipline  •cuts •

I can't take it here please 

Screams cries 

I don't wanna be forced 

Please help me escape the hell I been force to live under 

Cries -

I can't stay alive or im just gonna be trapped in the spell 😖


Why did she do this to me 

I wanna die so bad 


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