Dead To Me 🔪 Read Count : 19

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Here let me stab you 

I killed you in many various ways in my dream's 

First I punched you multiple time's 

Then I stuck you in the back with my knife several time's. 

Then I ranned you over 

With your car then I push that fucker off the bridge 

Then I got a ride home 

Since you accused me to my own family and told them I tried to stab you 

So I can really do so now.  Really wanna stab you with a fork and knife.  Since you always lying 

Oh I hate your drama on facebook 

I wanna kill you 

👊 🦊

I am so tired of her false allegations,  I really wanna stab her. 

I never tried to before 

I just thought it be nice if I cleaned the house and hand the bitch a fork and knife when it was dinner time  and bitch went running and screaming 

And wanted to call cop's on me 

Controlling manipulating,  girl's screaming over one dude's dick. 

Please let me slam yall head into one another then burn the bitches 

I'm so tired of a narcissist bitch 


  • Renee Haro

    Renee Haro

    night....mares... but good story! so I'd say all star

    Apr 09, 2019

  • is this fictional?

    Apr 09, 2019

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