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If you were given the power to change the past, what would you change?

The year is 2132, Earth has become the Milky Way's main trading center. Different races, cultures, species had come to the planet, they grew adapted to Earth's lifestyle and people, even forming families with terrestrians. Wars as we know them had been long ago finished. Since the catastrophic World War 4 , which lead to billions of people starving and begging for mercy, there has not been any conflict with such magnitude again. "This is a new Earth" -said Randy Mcggeady; the world's most known reporter. He has witnessed events such as the infamous WW4, the founding of the first Interplanetary World Center at Earth and Mars, and also, he's known for attending to the insane amount of 45 Miss Universe contests. "Today is April 8th, 2132. We celebrate de 50th aniversary of the signing of the World Peace Pact. Today is a day to remember all our fallen comrades, lovers, family and friends." Suddenly the tv turns off. -Hey! I was watching that! -Leroy said. Get off the couch and go to school, it's your last first day son,his father replied. Oh man, I really wish I had more time, dad. 

Dad: Get in the car and I'll take you. It's better than the bus.

Leroy: Yeah... Sure

On the way to school, Leroy spots a sign which had a once-in-life opportunity: Time travel to the past.

L: Dad, please tell me you saw tha...

Dad: Whatever you are thinking. Stop thinking it. There is no chance you'll enlist in that thing. It's a suicide mission.

L:But what about the infinite possibilities? We can change history as we know it, for better! We've both read  history books, we know the good, the bad and the dirty that was done in mankind. 

D: Please stop talking about that okay? You have not a single clue of the dangers that changing past can provoke. Don't even dare to enlist or else

L: Or else what? You'll ground me? You'll tell mom? She's been dead for six years now, dad, I don't really care about it. This is the opportunity I was looking for, and no one, I repeat, no one will take it from me.

Leroy got out of the vehicle, went school, but did not appear at home until it was too late.

The entrance door was semi opened, the lights were off, the only light was the one from the tv which was strangely on. Leroy was getting a bad vibe from this scenario, and proceeded to perform the most insecure act of innocence he could


No one answered. He suddenly realized his steps were feeling sticky, as if he was walking above honey. He did not know what to do. He grabbed his phone and called the police. After that, he turns on the living room light and sees it; a path of blood leading to his father's bedroom. Leroy was consumed by pain, uncertainty, and a strange dizzyness he had never felt until the date. He goes straight into his father's room and watches it. He has the picture of his father hanging by a rope in the ceiling. He cries, moans and screams like he was the one to be tortured and killed. The authorities arrive to the scene, they search for all the clues but, it all appears to be a suicide. 

L:It can't be, he'd never do something like that

Officer: That is all we know by now. We will keep searching for anything that helps the investigation. In the end, he was one of the T-Division.

L: T-Division? What is that?

O: It was a special squad  that was specially trained for time traveling purposes. Your father was the only survivor in the blockades suicide mission, 13 years ago.


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