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I been in many fights. 

First I been in fight's for believing in God 

Secondly I been in fight's for my problems that I have. 

I been bullied for being ill. 

And put down to the point they'll point and now call me  high to the low 

And laugh and make  meme of me. 

And act stupid. 

I mean loving God is not bad like you didn't have to fight me for that 

I been in a video in the fight to. 

I wanted to go to college but I am afraid.  Plus I am poor. 

I been messed up physically and emotionally damaged my health 

I used to be super nice,  easy to break my heart 

Now I'm no longer super nice. 

I don't want kid's,  I haven't got my license. 

I been injured bad to the point it affected my health making me vulnerable 

Causing me to self harm. 

Made me hide inside,  and I stayed away from other people. 

And I refuse to work. 

And I'll refuse to have kid's. 

Yeah I am a mess. 

I been wrecked...  I don't blame God that humans did this to me. 

If their will was to hurt me so bad it was humans. 

They'll try to blame God for their acts. 

Humans have their own choices. 

I can't blame my God for what they did to me. 

Sorry but action's are caused by humans 

They don't care if your a girl...  If you love God or have problems be very prepared for how horrible humans will treat you 


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