Devils Child 🔪 Read Count : 6

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She was a child who loved to try to have attention. 

But she was ignored and neglected. 

She was left without food 

And was tormented 

She was abused 

And often bullied 

She became the demon.

The demon that hated everyone 

The demon that wasn't trusted 

She wasn't a friend 

She'll haunt you 

She'll watch you and she'll bang on your wall and flicker the lights for some attention 

She is the nightmare 

She isn't a bear 

She is the devil little girl 

She is the devil little twirl 

Make her mad then you will face a battlefield with this monster 

She's noone little cookie monster 

And she will hate you to be in her way 

She'll forever taunt you,  forever stalk you,  and forever plot her monster murderer 

She's unfriendly and she loves only her teddy bear 

Make her angry you will be trapped 

Yeah trapped under her spell 

Let her in and she will destroy you and your family 

Yet again she's no ones cookie monster 

And her teddy bear is her only friend 

Dare speak her name 1,  2,  3 times and she'll plot her murder. 

She's a evil serpent 

She's little bloody Mary 

Two face demon 


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