Narrow Hall Part 6 Haunted Motel Read Count : 11

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Sub Category : Horror

The entire death that I had It weirds me out because I was in the motel and nothing looked like a different place or time. 

They said it could been  a coma,  that I was falling into  a coma. 

But I explained to them that there  was a girl and I explained to them that I was hallicauted and I was still in the motel when it occured. 

That I wasn't outside of my body. 

They said it could have been a nightmare. 

They said you could be knocked out by it and that's why you couldn't wake up. 

I was dried and nauseous.  

I was swollen and I couldn't really breathe. 

None of it makes any sense. 

I just couldn't figure the puzzle out. 

But I did believe that God exist. 

And I started praying for now on. 

I kept on praying. 

And I started going to church. 

.although it was all new to me. 

And it didn't make clear sense. 

I am still confused and blanked. 

I spent my entire life being a greater person then I was before. 

And things felt alot better. 

The end -


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