Narrow Hall Part 5 Haunted Motel Read Count : 13

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Sub Category : Horror

I could feel my body was so stiff and rigored. 

I been dead for hour's.  Probably a full day. 

Noone knew I been dead and gone. 

I sat up slowly,  I could feel my stiffness and I was so dried in my mouth. 

My lips were stuck and I couldn't speak. 

I was in need of help. 

So I reached for my phone and dialed 911. 

And I tried to speak and all I could do was mumble helpppp me. 

And they said sir are you alright where are you stay on the line with me. 

And I did. 

They tracked my location in my phone. 

And they dashed in and put me in the ambulance to the hospital. 

I couldn't speak. My mouth was so dried.  And they gave me water and a oxygen mask. 

And put water into my veins. 

It was a long strange night. 

I spent  a night in the hospital 

I told the nurse and the doctors that I did not want to go back to that motel. 

And I told them there is something in there killing me. 

They said they were going to have someone go and check the room. 

Couple day's later as I am still setting in the hospital someone came to see me. 

A expert they told me that there was a leak from a tank there. 

That other people were killed 

I was dead and came back to life. 

I was lucky. 

There was up to  twenty two  people in the motel that was killed 

I am curious if they were the dead body sitting up in the seat at the the demons table. 

And that man he did look familar. 

I was  upset.  But yet again the only survivor. 

I thought I was crazy. 

But I was actually im hell the entire time. 


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