Narrow Hall Part 4 Haunted Motel Read Count : 13

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror

I dashed out as fast as I could. 

I saw  a window and I threw myself out the window and got up and began running for my life. 

I saw people but I knew they were her demons. 

I couldn't trust it. 

So I ranned past them. 

They had no eye's and their lips were in zippers. 

She called out to them as I was running she said Oh heil me you're master.. 

Then she hollered seize him. 

I ranned to this river and I jumped in a boat and got the paddles and began paddling deeper into the river. 

I knew I wasn't gonna be able to get away. 

And they were already splashing in the water after me. 

So I beganned to pray out loud. 

I prayed although I was a atheist. 

I knew this was not a dream.  I knew I probably got trapped into a sleep paralysis and probably died in it. 

So I prayed really hard out loud 

Their arm's and part's began to fall off. 

I kept praying out loud. 

She let out a scream Nooo. 

Then she fell to the ground. 

And the sky grew bright 

And this white light grew nearer. 

And It grew very bright 

And I felt like I was going in a tunnel

I began to dissolve and I could hear a man speak to me,  you must aways pray,  keep praying. 

I cried. 

And he said you are saved. 

And he sent me back to my body. 

I awoke from the dream,  sleep paralysis. 


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