Narrow Hall Part 3. Haunted Motel Read Count : 14

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror

She finally got tired of the barbie's and she crawled back to her bed. 

And she laid down and she stared at me. 

She started humming. 

And she took her knife and she asked me if you were to die. 

How would you like to die,  in what way?

Then she stared at me sharply 

I swallowed loudly and I replied "I thought that if I listened to you and do as you insist me you wouldn't kill me". 

She giggled and she said it's only a question. 

She began to lick her knife and she was just setting there and staring at me still. 

I grew even more scared because I knew she is gonna kill me. 

I then said well I am being good to you right?

She laughed and she said okay and. 

I said well please don't kill me 

She snarled hmm only if you don't do as I insist

So she pat her bed and demanded me to sit by her. 

I didn't want to because she had the knife in her hand's. 

So I slowly moved towards her. 

And I sat by her. 

I was remembering that man she was stabbing. 

I wad scared and afraid. 

So I sat beside her. 

She said now I only asked you how would you like to die. 

I need to know she repeated. 

I insist you to answer me. 

And if you don't answer me I will cut you with my knife. 

She took the knife and pressed it against my shirt and poked into my shirt. 

She stared sharply at me,  now are you gonna answer me? She asked 

I tried to change the subject by questioningly do you wanna play barbie's with me again please. 

She grew mad. 

And snarled No. 

I want you to answer my  question she,  growled. 

I then stood up and ranned as fast as I could out the door 


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