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As I watched the stranger next door unpack their things. 

I see a path of blood. 

I grew suspicious and cautious. 

I began to follow the blood trail. 

As I was following the blood I heard a scream. 

It sounded like someone was just screaming for help. 

As I approached the basement door I saw a little girl. 

She was holding  a knife. 

And stabbing a man. 

And she turned sharply and pierced her white eye's at me and was covered in blood and she tilted her head sideways. 

And came barging towards me. 

I begin to run. 

I ranned past the new neighbor's room 

I didn't see them.  I just felt dizzy and like birds were floating around. 

I tried harder to run faster but I felt so slow,  and my body felt so heavy. 

I was out of breathe. 

I was so shocked and frightened. 

I felt like I was trapped under spell. 

Trying to scream for some help. 

I was unheard that's for sure. 

I knew this wasn't a dream. 

Even though it felt like I was in my own dream. 

I was searching for a door. 

A way out. 

And as I saw a exit sign I went to run towards it down the narrow hall in the hotel. 

And she stood behind me with a knife and tilted her head again and let out a scream. 

Almost sounded like a mad dragon. 

I tried hard to run but I was stuck unable to escape her spell. 

And so I beganned to pray. 

She had me in the corner 

The exit door was locked. 

And she beganned so exhale loudly. 

She held up her knife to stab me and I prayed really hard to awake 

For God to save me. 

And just then I awoke in the hotel room. 

I was sweating like a hog. 

I was even bleeding on my arm. 

Did she stab me. 

I mean this motel is haunted. 

I felt like she was still there. 

How the hell was that a dream. 

As I stood up.  I felt her near me. 

I heard a voice echo it wasn't a dream. 

And she faded away. 

I beganned to sob hard. 

I tried hard to stop panicking. 

It wasn't easy. 

I texted one of my friends. 

Still nothing seem right. 

Noone answered. 

My phone started to ring. 

It was a unknown number. 

I was scared. 

I refused to answer. 

Then  a text was sent to me from the number. 

I began to sweat more. 

She sent a picture of her face. 

I was so scared. 

I started to pray really hard that God would save me. 

I needed help. 

So I prayed out loud. 

And I knew she heard my voice. 

I heard a loud screaming coming from the motel bathroom. 

She was in there. 

She was screaming as if she was fading. 

I was afraid to see her. 

So I continued praying to the lord out loud 

The bathroom door opened and she was on the floor. 

She crawled towards me 

She was screaming no stop. 

And then she sat on the bed and she scratched my face. 

I fell back into a sleep and awoke. 

I went to touch my face as I woke back up her scratch was still across My face. 


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