Narrow Hall Part2 The Haunted Motel Read Count : 17

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I kept wondering why it was only the fact I was here this trouble with my sleep cycle happen. 

I looked on my phone for her text or her call's they were gone. 

But I could still feel her presence. 

I knew she was watching me. 

I knew she was close. 

And I could feel her heart beats 

I didn't wanna call the police because I knew she would probably hurt me 

And they wouldn't believe 

So I wanted to go out of the motel 

It was way to haunting. 

I wanted to escape 

But I kept denying because I knew she was still there 

I knew she wanted to ruin me 

I knew I made her mad. 

So I spoke out loud if you want me to leave okay I'll leave for you. 

I put my hand's up. 

And I went to head for the door 

I could hear laughing. 

She stood by the bed and was laughing 

She was finding something amusing but I wasn't. 

I was trying to open the door and she screamed no. 

I tried to turn the handle and it burnt my hand. 

She repeated follow me. 

I was shocked she went out into the hall. 

And she was crawling down the hall. 

And she crawled into the room where I saw her stabbing a man. 

I was forced to follow her,  trapped under her deadly spell. 

My body was feeling rigored and as if there was someone pushing up on my back. 

I could feel the spell was real that I was probably trapped forver in her nightmare. 

So I followed her. 

She crawled up in a bed,  and she said this is my room. 

And she showed her teeth. 

I was scared but I tried not to show it much. 

I didn't know how to react. 

I was really scared. 

She was bouncing a teddy bear back and fourth and playing with it. 

And she started humming dead lullabies and gazing at her bear. 

She had name's written on the wall. 

Name's of people and they were crossed out. 

She was laughing 

I just stood still not knowing what to say. 

I was not sure what to do with this monster. 

But she seem like she liked me and was friendly 

I wanted to sit by her as she played with her teddy bear. 

She was only little. 

It looked sad. 

So I keep urging myself to do so. 

But I  was worried that she might scratch me or cut me with her knife 

So I asked her why she wanted me in here. 

She said she was lonely. 

And that she needed some friends and that her friends were all dead. 

And she pointed to a table of dead people sitting up in the chair with their eye's cut out. 

I grew dead serious 

And grew very scared....  I didn't wanna die. 

So I started crying please don't kill me. 

Please can I go. Please I begged 

She snapped No.  Then she replied if you be good noones gonna die. 

I replied but I am scared. 

I can't stay here with you please let me go back. 

She replied noone is going back anywhere. 

If you don't do as I insist then you wil be killed and stuffed. 

I replied in tears okay. 

She let out a evil smile. 

She then said now do you wanna play barbie's with me. 

I replied er.  Okay. 

She craweled off the bed and into the floor. 

She had a doll house,  it was dirty and covered in thick blood spot's. 

She took a barbie and handed it to me. 

I took it and sat beside her. 

And I began playing barbie's with her. 

She was smiling,  a evil smile. 

She put her barbie on a horse barbie back and was playing like a regular kid. 

I wasn't very sure what to do. 

So I just did as she insisted and played along. 

She got rough and hit my barbie out of my hand's. 

And she snapped pick that barbie up now I demand. 

So I picked up the barbie and we started playing barbie's again. 

She snarled and hissed. 

I had to admit she wasn't nice when playing barbie's. 

She started mocking and mimicking something under her breathe. 

She snarled and then let out a giggle. 


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