Moonlight Read Count : 3

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy

When dark becomes dark 

And the night  drews closer 

And the wolves start howling 

And fleshes are out 

And the darkness and snake's surround 

And all the enemies are out 

And the plots of murderer's  are found  

And it make's it easier to snatch up the babies and eat them 

Babies are no longer to be found 

Moonlight surrounded itself 


Moonlight took the lives of babies,  took their soul's and their flesh 

Moonlight is pure evil 

Moonlight comes out only in the night 

Moonlight is a serpent 🐍 💜

M. O. O. N. L. I. G. H. T  loves flesh 

Moonlight often was bullied himself and he is now a snake,  a serpent, a serial killer. 

And he'll do anything to set humans in a trap and he'll do anything to get indoors 

He's noone friend 

He is just  a soul taker and he helps satan take souls


He is often known as venomous and he loves murdering 

He is a known liar 

And love's to pretend to be a friend to plot a murder. 

He can't be a friend and he can't even remain friendly 

He hates humans and he loves to eat babies 



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