The Demon Fox Read Count : 1

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror

She's fluffy in fox coating 

She's evil and cute 

She's mean and selfish 

And she remembered to be the girl that was bullied 

She loves her teddy bear and loves cute bears 

She hates other people 

And she really hates kid's 

She's the demon fox 

She's no longer archangel angel 

But is now a demon 

And she was remembered to be a good girl who was bullied 

She'll snatch you're babies up and kill them 

She s no one's friend 

She is now a dark bitch who loves to plot murderer's 

She will no longer open door's 

No longer scrub you're floor's 

Instead she'll beat the shit out of you 

No longer a nice bitch 

Yeah she's for real,  she's not a dog slave 

She's a flesh eating soul demon fox 

Can't make friends,  and can't let them in

It's your fault 

It's also your fault she'll sleep with your man 


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