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She grew negative by having to be around negative 

Now those who  pierce eye's she now shreds 

Isn't it amazing how so much hate can make someone deadly 

She grew up no longer sweet little bitch 

No longer the looser 

No longer a slave 

But she grew up tired and mean and evil 

She grew up a devil girl 

She don't do what people tell her 

She's noone dog 

She loves being evil and she loves to play mean 

And when  a bitch wanna be a bitch she'll punch a bitch 

And she grew far away from remaining in the society 

She is now a dark hateful bitch dressed in black clothing 

No longer the slave or dog 

No longer will she open door's 

She will no longer scrub floor's 

Or kiss your feets 

But to punch a bitch 

And force her out of her world 

Yeah her world 

Her storms,  her land. 

Not bitches land the new bitch you made out of her 

She'll now plot murders and steal your man 

And she will now break your heart like you broke her little heart 

No more good little girl,  she's the baddest bitch 

And you're responsible for her act bitch 

When she's in bed sleeping with your man 

No longer sweet,  no longer fluffy but no longer a angel 

She's the new arch fallen angel 

And your man is hers 


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