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Her tensions are to hurt people to make herself laugh 

To build herself up in order to feel better. 

She'll do all in her power to try to feel in control 

She'll forever manipulate you,  point flaws 

Demand people to do shit 

Then call police 

And then make more lie's after lie's 

Oh this narcissist bitch won't ever be sorry 

No she can't she got a disorder how the hell could  a sick bitch be

She'll have you by yourself with many people against you 

Even when they had nothing to do with it

She'll create a huge set of lie's and she'll live by them 

And she'll hire people and demand them to take selfish actions 

She'll lie and accuse you of rape 

Yeah make allegations 

Then she will live those lie's and treat people like trash 

It's how a bitch with disorder builds herself up 

Oh this bitch she will do anything to cover shit up 

Having people miserable,  and tired of her shit 

Why does a beautiful person have to have a heart set of creating the stick and stones 

A beautiful person may look beautiful on the outside but have  a heart full of lie's 

Beauty does not mean anything it is just a cover. 

Like a cover of a fake book 

Then when you sit and wonder why your own friends now hate you and you then see why 

That little bitch went and told people some shit 


  • Apr 08, 2019

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