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Hello...my name is uh hmm *scratching furiously* my name is jacob im 34 years old my wife took my daughter and left, sleeping is hard im going insane i...its the demons in my sleep everytime i lay down and close my eyes they are there getting closer and closer and its in my house just my hallway im standing at my doorway to my bedroom and just looking down the hall to the basement hes just there smiling getting closer and closer every time i sleep, i cant do this anymore i tried dieing or killing myself but i couldn't do it iv gone 5 days without sleeping but this time im just gonna go in and see what he wants i hope i can write back, see you in 24 hours 

*In the dream* 

Demon:*crazy laughing and moving closer* 

Jacob:what do you want go away please...i just want this to end TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT

Demon:*right in his face* I wAnT YoU *and bites jacobs neck*

*jacob wakes up in a hospital* 

Where am i 

Doctor:Jacob you have been in a coma for 14 years

Jacobs wife and daughter:Omg thank goodness your ok im so happy *hugging jacob*

Jacob:it was all...just a dream

Jacobs wife:let go home you two 

*While at home jacob goes through his journal out of curiosity and sees all the things he wrote in the journal he checks the mirror and has bite marks on his neck he run to his door looks down that hall and...there was nothing he let out a sigh of relief and turns back around to see the demon standing right by him

I WaNt YoUuu

The End


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