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Hey doctor my kid he has some...lets say a friend an imaginary one but latly its been getting out of hand he does not leave his room and everytime i go in there he screams "mommy dont the monster lays there" and its starting to freak me out even now hes in there, all iv heared where a few bangs i went to check on him but he was just on his bed smiling looking at the door like he was waiting for me i only went out after i heard a whisper from the other side of the door and when i closed the door knocking came from it and screaming im not going in there any more and i dont know if i just want to leave i mean thats my kid doctor what do i do

 *Doctor* Mrs.sneyold i think you need an exorcist i have nothing for this kid or maybe an insane asylum if i were to tell you one thing dont go..........*Mrs.seynold* Doctor? Doctor are you there? *phone line cut* *bang* *bang* *bang* hes banging his head again im leaving, hes coming for me im gonna hide in my closet until he passes, my camera is about to die im gonna sign off for now ill start again after this is all over if anyone finds this i want my husband to know i love him ple...*camera dies*    *2 days later the husband is home* honey im home, that was a long trip but im here...honey? *walks down the hallway to the closet* 

Hi daddy........



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    Apr 08, 2019

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