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Here I am in the car on a Monday morning in the car with the sun shining in my right eye. I always sat behind my dad while my brother Trey sat behind my mom. We're on are way to drive my dad to work than we are going to go to school, my mom's security there. Don't assume anything I don't use that for an excuse for anything that I can swear to you. Anyways my brother Trey is just suffering through the same mental and emotional abuse as he always does in the morning. It's nothing to bad and he's just like me so he should be fine. What I mean by nothing like me is he's not suicidal, boring, depressed, ect. He's none of that so he should be fine, I think. The way traffic is right now I will get to school in about 5 minutes. Anyways Trey should be fine and I don't think my parents know that they piss him off every morning yelling at him saying the same things over and over. 

         Ok so my brother Trey forgot to take his pocket knife out his bag and just started talking to the other security guard Spencer. She said "yeah I'm just helping out my dumb ass son" And wondered why he got more pissed off. I already know today is going to be w bad day and I just can't wait for it to be over but at the same team I wish the night could last forever because in the day I just suffer more but whatever


  • Apr 08, 2019

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