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He follows me where ever i go, iv been ignoring him but i haven't slept in 2 weeks even now hes right behind me as im writing this, what i know so far is hes not dangerous but looking at him...its...just i cant...he watches me when im in my bed i know hes harmless but i even tried to hide under my blankets but i can feel him getting closer and closer and his shadow on my blanket from my tv his hands move weird they flip and squirm, other people cant see him unless that person and i are getting close like lovers my family kicked me out they said that they want to sleep and with him there they cant...i avoid people because of him im trying to find way of getting rid of him like exorcist and priest but it does not work it gets rid of him for the day but at night he comes back always with his loud "hee hee" when he comes in the room iv stopped getting priest and exorcist because his expression is very angry and hates when he even hears it tomarow im going to try and kill him with flame,fire really gets him angry but im still going to try if i dont write anymore just know....he still alive


  • I love horror books

    Apr 08, 2019

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