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She can't find  a man that won't cheat on her 

She wanna run to man after man then cry like  a baby oh she single and ready to mingle 

Ready to single 

Though she wanna pretend that she doesn't wanna mingle 

Stupid besh you stupid dumb besh 


You lie to my much and it gets lame. 

Besh you know you were ready to mingle besh 😠 

Besh you ain't my friend I'm haunt you,  taunt you,  torment you forever 

Constantly talk to you and crawl over your floor and paralyzed you. 

I wanna choke you and constantly talk to you 

I'm the deadly demon 

The little girl crawling all over the floor. 

I'll be in your face calling your name

Hey over here bitch. 

I will spin my head around. 

And I wont leave you the hell alone 

You'll open the fridge and my head will be talking to you in there 

Come open the door. 

I got something to say 

Try to kill me,  I will still be there floating around 

Talks talks 

Open fridge door 


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