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Category : Diary/Journal

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I tried so hard to make you smile 

But my joke's away offended you. 

Every times I tried to make you laugh you would cry and act like someone hurt you 

So I won't joke to a looser 

Noone hurt's you that's the problem you are to dumb for jokes 

You have  no sense of humor. 

To  make yourself laugh you gotta be so mean 

You gotta make someone bleed 

You gotta use someone and have them feeling worthless to smile. 

And I can't stand someone like that. 

I don't know how  a looser like that has any friends. 

Act like little joke's hurt them. 

I could make other people laugh not this one crazy bitch. 

Then accused me of stabbing her.  😕 

Have me confused and like the cop's will believe you when you don't have a mark on ya. 

Crazy besh 


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