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When I thought that I wasn't grown up,  I look back to the times I open door's for people. 

The time's when I started defending myself 

The time's I was cleaning dishes and helping my grandmother 

And I looked back when I was on the floor scrubbing 

And when noone thanked me for that 

And when I was just so tired of the drama 

I wasn't aways in the mood to deal with baby shit. 

I was just so tired of everyone shit 

So yeah your shit messed me up mentally. 

And I feel so bad for all that feel like they  have  a black bruise under there eye's. 

As if life punches you everyday. 

Like you never get any sleep 

And the drama gets tiring. 

And the rumors get so tiring. 

I'm so bruised.  

I bruised easily 

And I am  so tired.... 

I feel like life punches me and never let's me sleep 

Mentally and physically I am abused 

And I was only tired of everyone's shit 


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