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Autumn's Dad: Hurry sweety. You'll be late.

Autumn: Yes sir.

She picked out her dress then changed.

Autumn: I'm ready, Dad.

Autumn's Dad: Alright, Stalio will drop you off at school.

Autumn: Alright, I'll be in the car.

Couple minutes has passed, Stalio came out and drove her to school.

Stalio: Have a nice school day my lady.

Autumn: I will. You have a nice day too, Stalio.

Stalio: Will do, ma'am.

Autumn waved Stalio bye.

Elon: Hey Autumn! We're over here!

She smiled and waved back. Everyone was laughing and enjoying the couple minutes they had before school started.

Addilyn: Hey Autumn, are you busy after school?

Autumn: No, why?

Addilyn: I was thinking we could go to the mall together?

Autumn: Yeah, sure. Is Aydin going to join us?

Addilyn: No sadly.

Aydin: Yeah, sorry. I have to go home right away after that incident.

Autumn: Oh, don't be sorry, I understand. Just stay safe, alright.

Aydin: I will.

Autumn: That's good.

First and second period passed, lunch time.

Autumn's Mind: Wish she could join us... I could finally tell her how I felt. Ugh!

Addilyn: You okay, Autumn?

Autumn: Yeah, just kind of sad Aydin won't be doing us tomorrow.

Addilyn: Yeah, me too.

They sat together at lunch, eating and talking.

Addilyn: Haha, yeah, I honestly thought that too when I first saw him. He did look scary.

Autumn: He looked like one of those kids that would just start all the fights. I mean, we don't need more of those people; we already have the Trio. Annoying.

Addilyn: Yeah, they do suck. Always starting stuff.

Boy #1: What about us?

Autumn: Oh... Nothing..

Boy #3: No, you said we suck? And annoying? Better think twice before saying shit about us!

Boy #2: Yeah, remember we're the strongest group in this school.

Addilyn: Don't cuss at her! And Elon is stronger than all three of you combined.

Boy #1: Elon? The purple haired dude? That was a fluke he beat us. We're stronger than that pig.

Addilyn: Don't call him a pig, you...y...you hog!

Boy #3: What!?

Boy #3 slapped Addilyn across the face. Autumn yelled, she went to help Addilyn up.

Autumn: You're not allowed to hit a girl! School policy!

Boy #3: Just did, I'll do it again.

Boy #1: Flame finger. Let's mark them boys.

Boy #2 & #3: Haha, good idea!

Autumn: No!

The three boys got closer.

Emily: Hey! What are you doing!

Boy #1: None of your business little girl! Flame ball!

The ball of flame came hurdling at Emily, then exploded.

Addilyn: Emily..!

Emily: I'm okay!

Autumn: Thank gawd!

Voice: Yeah, what you'd guys expect? She's capable of protecting herself.

Addilyn: Elon?

Elon: Sorry wasn't here earlier, was doing some business in the bathroom.

Boy #1: ... Let's go boys.

Boy #3: What? Why?

Boy #1: Let's go!

The three boys left.

Autumn: Thanks Elon...

Addilyn: Cowards.

Emily: haha.

Lunch was out. Four hours later, school.

Addilyn: See you tomorrow at the mall Autumn.

Autumn: Yeah, bye everyone.

Everyone: Bye.

After getting home, Autumn did her homework and chores.

Autumn's Dad: You told her yet sweety?

Autumn: No, I was going to tomorrow, but she won't be going to the mall with me and Addilyn.

Autumn's Dad: That's sad. You have the next day after tomorrow.

Autumn: True. Thanks dad.

He nodded his head and smiled. Autumn went to bed.

Morning time. Autumn got ready. Stalio drove Autumn and Addilyn to the mall. He waited for them in the parking lot.

Addilyn: This will be fun!

Autumn: Yeah!

They went from store to store. Bought a lot of things. They bought things for Elon, Emily, Aydin, and Stalio.

Autumn: That was fun, we should do this more often.

Addilyn: Yeah!

They both laughed.

Addilyn got a call from someone.

Addilyn: Hello

Voice: Addilyn... Guess what..

Addilyn: What... You did the dirty!

Voice: What the hell! No! Not even close! Omg I'm blushing!

Addilyn: I kid, I kid. But for real, what?

Voice: He asked me out... And I said yes!

Addilyn: Really! I'm so proud of both of you!

Autumn: What's going on?

Addilyn: Elon asked Aydin out, and she said yes!

Autumn: Oh... That's...great..

They went home, Autumn held an envelope containing a card inside. She started crying.

Autumn: I was...t..to...late..

She cried herself to sleep.

Addilyn: I'm so happy for you two!

Autumn: Yeah...

Addilyn: Hurt her, I hurt you.

Elon: Message received..

Everyone laughed. Autumn stayed quiet.

Autumn fell into a deep depression. She walked around dragging her feet. A sweater on all the time; tear stains on her cheeks.

Stalio: Sir, Autumn has been like this since they went to the mall.

Mr. Stailman: You don't say?

Stalio: Yes sir, I don't know what's wrong.

Mr. Stailman: I do. You have the rest of the week off Stalio. You may go home if you wish.

Stalio: Thank you for the suggestion but, Lady Autumn needs help. And I want to help her, Sir.

Mr. Stailman: As you wish.

Autumn's dad walked up the stairs to Autumn's room.

Mr. Stailman: Princess... May I come in?


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