I'm A Mess 🦊 Read Count : 12

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I'm a mess yeah I know 

I'm  a mess I am not sorry. 

You broke my heart 

Well I'm not sorry that I am a mess because God made a mess into something beautiful 

So I'm make a pop and I'm forever be moon moon besh 

I'm  a mess but I am the sun after the rain 

And I am the cloud's to your moody day. 

I'm everywhere admit it 

I can't dissolve 

And when you sleep I am there to 

Admit it 

I'm toxic to 

I'm dancing on Mars to 

I'm dancing on the planet's. 

I am the lava that melts your broken heart 

When he cheats I am gonna melt a broken heart 

Fade away besh cause I am gonna make a pop 

A song 

A besh  besh dance 

U_U 🦊


  • Apr 08, 2019

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