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So I sit here turning to rust. 

Not eating but starving. 

 And when I wanna eat I will day dream of the food 

I will rust and slowly turn to dust. 

And when they care about me or even dare to come look 

I will be skeleton 

Oh mom you never loved me. 

Yet you blamed me 

So I will turn to dust. 

I am not sorry for being the child you hate

I'm not sorry but I will fade into dust 

And when you care I will be long gone mom 

I will fade slowly and I won't be found. 

I waited years for you to come see me 

You never showed 

You say you were there for me 

But I didn't see you 

You said you sent me birthday card's and letter I didn't see any. 

Unless they were hiding them. 

You  never cared. 

I was only a baby what did I know 

My whole family blames  me 

And it's all your fault for caring about me only as a stupid baby. 

Now everyone hates me  because you treated my brother wrong and neglected him. 

Oh how I hate you so much mom. 

You gave my brother away and you kept us two girl's to dress us up but you left us home alone to go prostitute. 

So I am gonna die. 

And your random hate and other people randomly hate will have to not worry no more. 

So hate me randomly. 

I hate you to  mom.  We all do. 

I hate you for wanting your dad's money and taking it when he died  

So you made your lie's 

We didn't want your money,  we wanted a mom. 

But you were to busy feeding your soul to your man. 

Oh he came first 

Oh how I hate that man so damn much and I hate you  mom 

You are  a selfish motherfucker 

And you and your dumb ass man and moco space can go die elsewhere. 

We hate you to bitch go prostitute married men's you slut. 

Make yourself look like a slug,  act like a slug and sell your children's that's all you ever done. 


  • Apr 08, 2019

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