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But she is attached to my life. 

And her hate is killing  me. 

She made friend's with my family to attach herself into my own home. 

Now I am stuck cutting.  And she's laughing 

I want to die.  I so badly wanna kill myself 

She told me that my brother hates me. 

Turned everyone against me 

I'm so tired of cutting 

I'm so tired of killing myself and overdosing 

I wanna fucking breathe again 

I want to heal.  But when I try I hear her laughing with her friend. 

I wish I would stayed away from her. 

What was I doing thinking bout friending someone who just randomly hated me and wanted my brother. 

If I died I wonder of he going to miss  me. 

The fact I'm killing myself because of his ex and my stepmother and the horror past 

I bet she's laughing and saying nope.  He loves me  he puts me before his family 

I'm tired of being alive. 

I want to die more then anything 

I just can't find a future for myself it's to dark. 

I know noone cares. 

I only tried to make a bitch laugh and smile.  And she only hurt me. 

And now I am at this point in my motherfucking life I feel laughed at and I wanna stab myself to death. 

I wanna cut again. 

I wish I never threw away that blaze. 

I am so disappointed in myself. 

I will find another one and start cutting myself to death and poison myself and overdose. 

I'm so tired of his exs 


  • Apr 08, 2019

  • Apr 08, 2019

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