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Made sure I couldn't share my story. 

Wanna forever threaten me. 

It's not taking me anywhere. 

So hate hate and continue to plant another fight with me. 

Because I hate your guts to. 

I won't lie for you no more 

You are a demon in my life. 

You successfully ruin lives. 

Thanks alot demon. 

Show up and one of us may kill the other. 

I would love to kill you so bring it on bitch. 

I dare you to come back up to my house 

I'm gonna kill your.  

Then I'm gonna hire a lawyer 

And I dare you to threathen me if I tell anyone anything. 

You don't own me no more. 

I am no longer a slave. 

Thank Jesus for letting me free. 

She don't own me no more. 

I wasn't yours to kick around and throw me all over and tell me not to defend myself. 

You thought you owned me. 

I'm not you're child to choke and enjoy choking 


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