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I was playing outside with one of my childhood friends one day on my mom's front porch. His name was Deandre Parker. He would always wear a red superman cape with his initials DP on the collar, everywhere he went no matter what day it was. While we were playing tag, I heard a creepy song that started to get louder and louder. My head spinned around so fast, it was getting closer and closer. I ran in my mom's direction. 
"What's wrong?" my mother asked. 
"There's something coming, it sounds really creepy!" I said in a terrifying voice.
That was when a white ice cream truck came by and my friend ran right up to it. He must have seen one before because he wasn't afraid of it at all. In fact, he pulled some money out of his pocket and gave it to the man standing inside of the truck. The man gave him something in a white cup and as my friend walked back to my mom's porch, he spoke to me.
"You want some ice cream too little boy?" he said with a weird inflection in his voice.
"What's in it?" I asked nervously.
"Chocolate, you like chocolate don't you?" he asked.
I turned to my mom and she walked over with a dollar in her hand and bought me one, I loved it! The next day I overheard my mom talking to Deandre's mom and a police officer. The officer said that Deandre was missing. I decided that I might as well help her so I went to the all the hiding spots that I know he usually hides at. I couldn't find him anywhere. I even had my mom follow me with a flashlight in our backyard at night because that's where we usually play all the time, still nothing though. The next day I remember being so happy. The ice cream truck had came back. I asked him for chocolate but he said that he was fresh out of it.
"I got a new flavor if you want to try it, it's called red velvet." he said with a grin on his face.
"Okay!" I said with joy in my heart. I tasted it and it was delicious! I had never tasted anything like it before. But as I was eating it I took a huge bite and I could feel something inside my mouth. It felt like hair or something. I pulled it out of my mouth and I couldn't believe what I saw. I thought I was seeing things. It was a piece of the superman cape that Deandre always wears. It even had his initials DP on it. My mom was watching in disgust. She ran up to the ice cream truck and pulled me away from the ice cream man.
"What's this?" my mom asked.
"Oh that's one of my special ingredients, kids are the sweetest things." he said with a grin.


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    Apr 08, 2019

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