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I'm  a mess. 

I can't even my hair. 

I can't keep my mascara in place. 

I can't take care of me. 

I still feel like I am being beaten. 

The past is  a horror 

Oh God I am a mess. 

When I tell you to go away please do. 

I don't wanna hurt you 

Just stay away from me you done enough to hurt me. 

You ruined my life. 

So now stay away from me I don't wanna kill you. 

You made sure to ruin me,  now please don't ask me what's wrong. 

You wanted me dead so bad,  I feel dead everyday. 

I wanna be able to play 

To breathe like the other kids. 

You ruined my life. 

I bet you are happy. 

You get to breathe and have friends. 

You build yourself up 

I get uncomfortable around other people 

And I can't breathe. 

You killed me.  And now  when you come around me I will be sure to stab you. 

You wanted to be sure that My friends hated  me so you created lie's. 

That's okay bitch I don't need friend's to sleep with my own man like your friend's do. 

I wanna stab stab you so hard. 


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