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Sunsets in a nasty world 🌎. 

I watch as it sets. 

Starts crying. 

Why is life so sad. 

Drinks a mug 🍺 💓

Tears fall,  I feel old. 👴 

No friends,  but the sunsets. 

Life is so 😞 sad. 

If I wasn't ruined would I be dancing,  happy,  would I be pregnant by now with a boyfriend 😖💜

I wanted kid's.  But I won't because I'm a mess. 

So I will stay away and I can't watch the kid's play 

Because when they play I never had what they had. 

Never did what they do now 

I feel like she popped a vessel.  Like I won't see clearly. 

So I ask God why do I feel so dead. 

And those kid's look so alive?


  • Apr 08, 2019

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