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Don't wanna eat  because I will get fat. 

So I dream about the food. 

When I go to fridge I turn around because I am so used to saying No. 

I am fucking starving. 

I sat on floor crying because I don't have the energy to make my own food now. 

So I go back to bed to snooze. 

I'm tired of them adding stuff to our food. 

Like bugs,  rat dropping. 

Because not all of us are actually allergic to the food,  we're allergic to the hidden ingredient they put in the food. 

Such as rat dropping and rat hair and rodents part's .  

I can't bear to eat again. 

I used to love peanut butter it kept making me ill.  I found out it had bug's in it and rat  dropping and rat hair  which can give you diseases. 

Even reese to. 

And in cinnamon toast crunch can kill you if you eat to much 

It has chemicals in it like little pieces of metal. 

Ugh my head hurt's but I'm just gonna take Tylenol and sleep the hunger off. 

I'm just gonna drink a kale veggie and fruit smoothie for now on. 


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