Depression By Tegan Alice Stretton Read Count : 22

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I feel like hell... 

I'm too broken it's hard to repair. 

You either rise or you fall

You pass or you fail.

Listen close because I  got a story to tell..

I ain't gunna lie I've been burned a couple times by the same person this stuff should be a crime. 

No time to wipe my eyes but Imma keep pushing and make you wish you wouldn't. 

All the times I can't get back. 

I feel like every single night I'm just re-living the past.

I don't want to be a burden so I just put on a mask.

Still I got alot of things that I keep in 

I need to let them go...

I don't know where to begin...

I seen stuff that a kid never should

I bottled it all up and acted like I was good. 

Reality is I'm so shook I feel like an outcast misunderstood.

Miss back when I was young didn't have problems just only fun. 


  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins

    i miss those days too

    Apr 08, 2019

  • I feel the same broken and can't be repaired. They didn't save us soon enough

    Apr 08, 2019

  • Thank you for everyone's support! Xx

    Apr 12, 2019

  • Apr 12, 2019

  • miracle studios

    Miracle Studios

    i feel the same to but get out i used to write sonething

    May 13, 2019

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