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Ok so I know I won't be seeing or meeting any of you in real life so I'm just going to let everything out. Well almost everything. 

I was just thinking Suicidally and just had the craziest thought.  How would it feel to die? Would you die and sleep for all eternity,  or would you be reborn into another child. But that's the thing if you screw up you are doomed to sleep for all eternity, live in sleep. You still live your not dead. You live in your dreams with means your not dead right? Or you get lucky and be reborn into another child and live a new life with new decisions, people, and chances. But that's the thing you don't die. But there's also one more thing. What if you don't stay in an eternal sleep,  or get reborn into another child? What if you just start your life over and get to change your decisions. You start your life over with the same people but you have new options. You go from start to finish and then back to the start and you keep doing that for all eternity. That's where Dashavoo might come from. You remember just for a slight second that that exact moment in time already happened more than once. What we all call humans I call robots. Yes we have hearts, bones, souls and all that but just think about it for a moment. When we come to our end/deaths we just wake up with no memories and just start over. With robots when they fall or we think there time has come to an end we press a few buttons and make sure to reset them to make sure they have no memories then we turn them back on. We are like robots and are so called saviours god and Jesus are the humans reprogramming us and starting us over. What happens when robots mess up? They get shut down permanently. For us that's what are so called hell is it's the eternal rest. Having to stay asleep for all the rest of eternity. Still that's the thing you still don't die. So my theory is humans are actually immortal. Were just trapped in our own minds and locked up in are caskets. 


  • It's gonna get better I promise. Don't let bad people in. Stand up for yourself and kick their ass

    Apr 08, 2019

  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins

    oh my god what is going on my whole mind just... woah. also yes do that😅

    Apr 08, 2019

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