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I share the same crib as the wolves.  The same blood. 

Same deadly flesh....  And when we're mad,  oh when we're mad we're forever gonna haunt you back. 

Yeah you left scars and when I'm mad I will take advantage of your name. 

I will carve it in the wall and I will eat with the wolves. 

And rub my blood over your name. 

And we will forever haunt the bitch down,  yep the bitch and her name. 

Because we are taking advantage of her name. 

Just like when she said keep it out of our mouth. 

Well no thank you,  we're gonna slice it and smear blood over it. 

And then were gonna stab it and fuck over it. 

💜Cause bitch I'm deadly. 💚

Yep I'm the deadly one,  you were only the mean one. 

I'm twice the size of your own shoes.

I am bigger then you're storms. 

Bigger then those battles. 

Bigger then the tidal waves. 

I am bigger then those shark's in the ocean,  and stronger then the tornado. 

Brighter then the sun yep brighter then your run  and wanna melt your day's with the rain and ice. 

And you won't go to the beach not while it's raining. 

Cause I create the storms with my God almega 

Yes I'm deadly. 

Deadly then a venomous snake 🐍 


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