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Welcome to my world. This is a very eerie world that most minds would go crazy in. Oh but me, the feeling of this silence overwhelms me. It engulfs my whole soul with pure joy. Why? Let me start from the beginning. As a small child I was bullied. I was called many things. Because my family was poor the teachers overlooked me. I was just a shadow in a corner. My parents was too busy for me. The only time they spoke to me was when they was scolding me. When company came I was hid in my room. Out of sight out of mind. Each day as the words entered my ears my mind would slowly take on a world of its on. The tears finally stopped. Slowly each day the hurt would be less and less. Then one night I had an extremely painful headache. I felt a change in me. The next morning I got up. I went through the kitchen. I looked at my parents, who was usually fussing at me by now, there lips was moving but yet there was silence all around. I could see the anger in there eyes and the expressions on there face as the mouths moved in anger. There was no sound though just silence. I walked past them out the door as a sigh of relief slowly left my lips. I could hear the birds chirping outside. There beautiful song brought happiness to my heart which I had not felt in a long time. Walking up to school my smile turned to a frown as I saw the bullies waiting for me. Walking towards then I could see the evil grin on there faces. The closer I got the leader started talking. I stood there in awe. His lips was moving but I heard no sound. Only silence. I didn't react to his words so the other bullies pitched in. Still pure silence. Soon anger was over there faces. I would surely get beat up for not reacting to there nasty words and threats. I walked past them sqinching expecting the worst. The further I walked there was nothing. I turned around as the boys looked at me. They was frozen from confusion. They realized they had no more power over me. Sitting at my desk I went through all the events of today. I realized my brain was taking care of me. Any pain any hurt that I have or will go through my mind is blocking it out. Sweet silence how I longed for the day you would arrive.


  • Apr 07, 2019

  • Apr 07, 2019

  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins

    your writing is amazing i love it so much

    Apr 08, 2019

  • you speak the truth

    Jul 01, 2019

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