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       It was a windy night at New York city streets and lights lit up the city and the moon shining down at the people. At a orphanage, a young boy had blankets tied tightly as he try to escape from the window. He is getting down and feels a nudge from the light pull. He turns around to see the little girl looking at him. "What are you doing here Rose? You should be asleep. Go to sleep." The boy whispers to her. "Are you leaving me? Please don't leave me here alone. You promised me." The girl starts crying as her tears slide down her face. "I'm sorry Rose. I hope you'll understand someday. Good bye Rose." He looks at her one last time with sadness in his eyes knowing he might not see her again and drops down as he reach the ground safety. She watches him go away and close her eyes as she feels her heart breaks slowly. He pants heavily with no stopping as his heart beating fast like he was running away from his curse and feeling guilty of the decision he made. He stops at the bus stop as he waits for the bus to arrive and sits down to rest. He tries to slow down his breathing and close his eyes as he feels free being away from his miserable life where he was tormented by those who blame him for everything. Not everyone blames him and that one he cherishes with all his heart but afraid that person will blame him too. So he left not to be hurt again. Not be hurt by her. He holds the locket necklace as its all he has from her and to remember her even he isn't with her. Even it mean she won't see her ever again. For her safety and his safety. Both to be happy. "Running away boy?" A voice heard at the shadows as the dark shadow grins at the boy. The boy wince surprise as he hears the voice and looks at the dark shadow in fear what lurks in the shadows. His heart beating fast from the surprise of the stranger. "Who's there? Show yourself." The boy asks as the dark shadow chuckles evil as he is staring back at the boy. He feels that he found his prey that he was looking for years. "Answer my question first then I'll answer your question. Are you running away?" The dark shadow asks as he grins at the boy. "I won't tell a stranger who I dont know. So its none of your business." The boy glares at the dark shadow. The dark shadow loses his grin as the boy looks away and feels himself choking. The dark shadow grins again as he watches the boy trying to breath but unable to. "Now answer my question. To be fair and if you care for your life." The dark shadow grins at the boy. The boy nods trying to be free. The dark shadow sighs as he rolls his eyes and lets go the boy neck. The boy panting heavily as he tries regaining his air and glares at the dark shadow with fear. "Now answer my question boy." The dark shadow glares back at you him. "Yes I am. Now you answer my question." The boy asks as he want the dark shadow's response and to leave him. "I'm your answer to your all problems." The dark shadow grins at the boy. "You are not. I don't need anyone help. No one can help me when no had help me at all. I'm on my own. Now leave me alone."  The boy looks at the dark shadow and walks away. "What if I can help you. To make those pay." The dark shadow says and the boy stops. The dark shadow grins as he saw the boy stops as he starting to convince him. The boy slowly turn his head to the dark shadow curious to what he said. "How? How can you help me? Because I don't have any money. I don't have anything valuable to pay you to get what I want." The boy says as he looks the dark shadow. "Well you don't have to. I'll be giving this to you. To use it. Magic. I'll give you my powers and trust me. Its powerful. You can use my powers to make those whom hurted you. Tortured you. Humiliated you. Abandoned you. All your dreams will come true. You'll be free from miserable life behind and start a new one. we have a deal? Lucio." The dark shadow grins as he hands his hand and waits for the boy to shake his hand. "How you know my name?" The boy looks at thd dark shadow with suspicious. "Well lets say I can tell who's the person by looking through their eyes...with magic." The dark shadow says. "So your response?" The dark shadow asks. "What's the catch?" The boy looks at the dark shadow suspicious. "Oh there is no catch. I swear that there is no catch.'s up to you. If you want it. Meet me here. The same time and same place. Well nice meeting you. Lucio." The dark shadow says as he walks away and slowly fades away in the shadows. The boy watches him disappear and wonders if he should accept the offer from the dark shadow. If it'll end all his pain and suffering. To be free from everything.


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