The Hallway. Read Count : 13

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
It was 10:30pm and I was about to finish work I just needed to sweep up the boss’s room across the long hallway. I always hated the hallway it was to long and half way through walking to the room the lights just turn off. But I had to do it for the promotion tomorrow to boss of janitors because of my hard work. I was walking to the boss’s room and the lights stay on this time. I was weirded out by this but carried on. Then I got to the boss’s room. I was cleaning the last parts and found out it took an hour and a half. 

I was finished and left the room. The lights turn on and this is not meant to happen the switch is all the way on the other end of the hallway. It’s normally pretty bright so we didn’t mind. I looked at the other end and a tall black figure was at the other end. I was about to scream but held it in. Luckily,they were looking the other way. If I was to go back into the boss’s room and ring the police I would be safe. I open the boss’s door but it makes a loud click. I turn around and the figure is walking towards me. I run in and try to lock the door behind me. I then remembered you can’t lock this door from the inside. I try to look for somewhere to hide but the glass window makes me paranoid. and it’s really high up it’s like 35 floors high. The figure starts to open the door. They walk in and I’m just standing infront of the window. The figure is holding a knife and walked towards me. He then grabs onto me. I push back and fight back but they push me towards the window that makes the glass starts to crack. They tried to stab me but hit the glass then it all cracks open and I was leaning on the window at the time. The person then kicks me and I fly out the window.


I woke up and I was finishing of in the boss’s room almost done. I take my flashlight out getting ready to leave. I leave and shut the boss’s room up. The darkness was crazy but I turned the flashlight on. I then walked towards the end of the hall. But then I saw a woman who was really tall but looked diseased. She started walking towards me. I then see blood dripping from the ceiling and arm coming throught the boss’s door. I ran to the woman who had bugs crawling across her. I was going to run towards her and run past her and escape. But rights as I slided past her she grabs onto me and looks me in the eye. These spiders crawled out of her eyes and crawled onto me. There legs hurt badly. They went onto my face. I was fighting tears but they went to each eye and jumped onto them. I couldn’t move. There feet went right through my eyeballs they were bleeding and then I couldn’t see anything except blood. I felt the spider go from my eyes to my mouth and crawled in. They ripped of my tounge and fell down my throat. 

I had finished In the boss’s room and left turned my flashlight on and walked to the end of the hallway. It was the first time it was normal. I got into the elevator (it was an older one were it had to be manually closed and opened but it had buttons on it. I chose the bottom floor but then the walls were covered in blood. There was a giant puddle of blood and I was about to drown in it. Then it all sinked into the floor. I fell over and bashed my head on the floor. It hurt badly but i was taken to the bottom floor. But then it dropped all the way to the basement. It was my first time ever seeing it. There was ropes blood knifes and guns. I was scared but kept on trying to go back up the elevator. 



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