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They came from everywhere 
Different cultures - religions-genders
The diversity of colors in the faces and dress was a magical rainbow of harmony
When the young woman stood to adress the crowd the multitude of languages dissolved into a hushed silence
“After centuries of hate-discrimination-persecution and death- we have come together in this sacred place to change the past into a world of peace- freedom
equality and love”
Her strong words belied her youthful 
appearance and slight frame that had the gathering frozen and captivated as she spoke
“ We have the power to accomplish this
You have the power and the will to see a dream held by millions become a reality
For standing among you are people with 
the power -and influence united with us from all economic-social and political
levels dedicatedl-as we all are “
There was a thunderous applause-cheering interwoven with tears and 
praying as she concluded
She lit one candle “This is a new beginning”
Then a ringing from the back of the crowd- cleared my head-I turned off the alarm  clock still groggy but glowing after this sleep experience 
As I went through my day I couldn’t 
Stop thinking-this dream  could never become that reality she spoke of-


  • Apr 06, 2019

  • Apr 06, 2019

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