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Coco was just a 16yr old. But she was abused since she was 4, and her family hated her. But her sister Sisi was very abusive towards her. Coco was walking home from school, when she got home. Sisi grabbed Coco's arm and said. "Sister I'm going on a date with my boyfriend and if you touch ANYTHING I'll kill you got it?!" then Coco said "mhm" Then Sisi left. But Coco was not gonna listen to her this time. Coco went in Sisi's room  and grabbed Sisi's phone she had left. Coco then threw it hard at the wall, Sisi's phone then broke into bits. Coco went to her room and went to bed. Sisi came home and went into her room and saw her phone. Sisi was VERY angry, then Sisi yelled "COCO IM GOING TO MURDER YOU!"  Coco woke up, and grabbed her knife which was very sharp. And then she walked out of her room. "then do it you sl*t" Coco said smiling. "Sl*t?! Grr" Sisi spoke. Sisi then charged at Coco grabbing her knife from her. Coco was a little scared but kept brave. Sisi grabbed Coco and pinned her to the floor, then held Coco's head in place. Sisi started to cut a smile on her. And cut an X on her forehead. Coco screamed in pain, but then grabbed the knife from Sisi and stabbed her 3 times. "Sweet dreams sisi hehe.." Coco said. Sisi then was bleeding a lot, and Coco packed up and hid Sisi's body. Then ran away never coming back.

Btw this story is true 


  • btw guys this is a real story so pls lock your doors and stay safe

    Apr 06, 2019

  • I'm definitely locking my doors. A guy tried to break in to me house a few weeks ago.

    Apr 13, 2019

  • Poor of coco 😩💔

    Apr 13, 2019

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