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One day two girls named Jeniffer and Sophie went to play hide and seek in the woods. After a while Jeniffer called for Sophie and they were about to leave but they couldn't find there way out. Sophie said " Jennifer I am scared." Jeniffer told Sophie that she will be ok and that they will find there way out some how. Later they realized that they were not in the woods anymore they were in a ocean like beach area. They looked around a found a big hill and thought there might be a house up the so the went to it. However they did not find a house nor a building they found a little wolf pup all alone. Sophie of course wanted to go let him be cause she thought it was a dog but, Jeniffer said " Sophie stay away from him it could be dangerous." But you know how little kids are they dont listen so of course Sophie went and petted him. Finally Sophie said" it's ok he's friendly let's keep him he is all alone." Jeniffer replied and said " ok what should we name him." Yhey stood there for quite a while before Sophie said " let's name home lost since he is lost and so are we." Jeniffer replied as a " that sounds good." For the next couple of minutes they started walking on very flat land until they came up to a odd flower. Sophie went over because she wanted to pick it but Jeniffer said " No Sophie you dont know if it is poisonous." That's when Lost went up to it and he started to sniff it and walking forward as in he new were he was going so they followed him as well. Later they ended up back in the woods and they new that they were close to there house again because they saw lights. The next thing they now the are on there porch. When they got in side they decided to keep Lost for his heroic save and they lived happily ever after.


  • This is the best story anyone has ever read

    Apr 06, 2019

  • Indeed it is. Good job.

    Apr 06, 2019

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