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I was so happy and playful when I was younger.  I felt like I could do anything!  I was playing with everyone I met before it happened. Let me tell you what happened.   

Walking down the road, half dead, hit by a car.  All bloody, trying to move, but I lost my balance.  Every step I take I get dizzier and dizzier, losing myself in all this pain.  Dying and crying.  Why me?!?! When my family hears me, they come over to see what’s going on.  They all see me dead on the ground. My mom falls to her knees and cries “How can this be fair?!” After, I’m falling, I’m crying. Can I already be dead? I grow younger and younger every second.  I’m falling.  I fall into the car where it all began. I look around to see what’s going on.  I see my brothers and my mom and dad smiling back at me from the heavens above when I take my final breath. I picture myself falling again, crying “God reach out and save me!” He tries to grab on to me but he can’t. I just kept falling. After, I wake up in the hospital and realize it was all a dream. 

After, I’m walking down the aisle of the store with my mom but I lose her in the store. I start to cry but then someone helps me. Then my mom starts calling my name. I can hear you but I can’t see were you are then I find you after all. 

After I’m sad and cold.  I am cutting my arms. Sitting on the bench, crying and dying by bleeding out. After I close my eyes, I see a light and I reach out to the light. Then I open my eyes and I’m in the sky but then I hear someone say my name. They come over and they try to help me but I don’t want help. I just want to die. Then they get my brother to help. My brother takes me home. I try to leave but he takes me home by force. He calls my mom. I see him crying when my mom gets home. Then I Have to go to the hospital. After all of that happens I say to my family “Never did I ever wan’t to try and kill myself and then see you cry!! Never did I ever wan’t to be sad and then cry. Never did I ever wan’t to blame you for all my problems I ever had!! Never should I have had ever tried!!” Saying all of that with just one tear sliding down my face. 

After all of that happened a few days later I now go on walks, when I’m feeling sad to clear my mind I try not to give up and, I try not to give in “so I say talk a walk!!” and you will be happy like me because

“I feel happy again!!”.


  • God is good 💓

    Apr 08, 2019

  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins

    you are an amazing writer this is one of the best stories ive ever heard 👌👌👌❤

    Apr 14, 2019

  • Apr 15, 2019

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