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National Drain Theater Actor:Relax please this proccess i s definitely  required. 

Taurub:You don't say,  but what's that honey there for?(points at the jar or honey standing on the Bench With Flamegraas Bregres And a couple Of Day 32 land Worms(You know,  That Music Soundtrack that everyone dislikes) And.. 

Director:And Cult! 

That was great no kidding but where Did Mr  NumaSun Go? 

Greg The  43th:I don't know sir but I think tha(Greg's Lion Of FlameMountain burps at their Face) 

D:Greg, Please tell me that wasn't your Lion burping Mr Sun, The One Who Would Deliver The Message To ClipRidge and Save us all. 

G:Im Sorry To Dissapoint you Mr Director but yes. 

D:Greg, You piece of 2003 B movie material, What have Done? 

Heiflice The Scriptwriter:There are good news sirs. 

D:I am Dying To Hear Them. 

H:The lion Spitted out something! 

D and G: What? The Letter? 

H:No, a bone. 

D:Wait Till you see How I will break your bones! 

G And H:Run For Your lifes! 

The Director mutates throught the emergency  cup that he uses for the first time, and The Lion Says Let the Games Begin!!! 

Barnard Smiley:Welcome one, Welcome All!!! 

(Crowd gets   wildly excited) 

Ladies and GentleLoves To The Greatest Competition Of Them all!!! 

Even More Wild Excitement 

Ladies And Gentleloves Welcome to The Tip Of  The Bone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Extremely Wild Crowd Goes extremely wildWith Excitement full of Excitement

!!!!! Director:Oh, Greg, Fighting with me is like Fighting A god With A gun. 


D:No, Greg my smart Person, Hell. 

G:Are You Sure you can Handle it? 

D:How Sure Is that pitiful lion of Yours that Mr NumaSun Was a great Meal? 

G:more Sure Than The Fact The His Nemean Sister Didn't have to die. 

And Then The Battle Begins!!! 

G:Seventh Sky Help Me! 

D:Spirit Of The Rocker Flame Aid Me!!!! 

G:Clampering Wind Breaker! 

D:Flambe Of The Sacred Chicken Of Osiris!!! 

G:Ulfimate Earth Splitter! 

D:Blood Breaker'S Faraway Home!! 

Spirit Bonding Bastion Revealed:G:Dropper NightWish!! 

D:Edit-In The Hole!!!!!! 

Meanwhile In The Crowd

Director's sister:Come on,  you got this!!! 

Directior's Mother:Shimmer Down Dear. Please. 


Willbout The Sinker:You relax Greg, You don't have To Win Sunny, Just Have fun. 

BS(Barnard Smiley):Okay, Okay Time For A Short Break So we can All rel

(A Boulder On Flames Flies To BS's Head, BS'Head:I'm Heading out for a wjile, Be Right Backbone.) And Takes The Head, and Then The Battle goes completely out Of Control. 

Do you like How I'm playing Hansel? 

Hansel The Cat:Hmm, You are doing Great but I Believe you could use some Help, Here Let Me Help you. 

Pedro Clerter:Thanks a lot Hansel. 

H:No Problem at All. 

And The Door Opens And Pedro's Father, Mother, Sisters, Unt and Uncle, and Cousins Enter With, Their Dog  Nest. 

The Clerter Family:Hey, Pedro How are you doing? how is Your Music Practice Going? 

Thanks For Asking, My Music Practice Is Going Very Well, Hansel Helped me a lot!

Nest The Dog:Oh, Hi Hansel, How are you Doing? 

H:I'm Doing Very Well Nest, Thank you!, Hey, Nest do you have anything to do later? 

Nest:No, I don't have. 

H:Well, Then How About we go for a coffee? 

Nest:Sure Thing! 

Hayley Clerter: How about We all go The Cinema? 

The Clerter Family:Yeah!!!! 

Pedro:Ok, Let's Go! 

And So  Nest and Hansel Went out on a date, and The Clertel Family went to the Cinema. 

And The Movie That Was playing Was:

Tip Of The Bone


Director: Mr Director Smilearena. 

Leading Actor:Greg The 43th. 

Place Of The Events:The National Drain Theater. 

Producer:The  Lion Of Greg The43th

Special Effects SGI, and vfx Maker:Mr Numasun. 

Singers And Dancers:Bring Back The Grass from Eleven Years Go, and The Mountains are Singing Ship Of Open Green Sea, So long, Oh, So Long. 

They Look At The Horizon.

Singers and Dancers:It Is Time For The Mountains To Sleep, Please Holy Sheep. 

Holy Sheep:Hmmmmm,(With Drowsy Eyes that Open and Shine) Very Well Then., That Should Happen. 

The End. 


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