He Farted And Jump In The Whale Read Count : 22

Category : Diary/Journal

Sub Category : N/A

My friend he let out a fart and he jumped in the whales mouth 😃  


Friend no! I shout 

Cries on the hill,  cries rolling down the hill 🙃 

Cries beating herself up 

Cries to a sad song 

Cries eating her dinner 😣😣😣

I miss my friend 🦊

He let out  a fart  and he poof he went in the whales mouth.  It sunk him right in 🦊💓

End of my  bestie. 

Cries and eats smores 😖😣

What's that over the hill,  bestie 

Jumps up and down 🙃 

I though you went in the whale. 🐳 

I did I am now a zombie moon 🦊

Oh no

... 😣

I miss you now eat me besh 


I wanna be a zombie to besh 💓


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    Apr 07, 2019

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