Kicking Her Own Ass🙃 Read Count : 2

Category : Diary/Journal

Sub Category : N/A

I'm kicking my own ass. 🦊

Rolls faster down hit's rock after rock

Breaks a teeth.  Ohh ohh  ow 

Slaps herself then chokes herself. 

Old man walks up and stares and ask what the hell are you doing 

I replied kicking my own ass besh do you fucking mind

He looks like this 😵 

Goes to the river here let's float away. 

It's moon beshes jumps in river beats her own ass 🦊

Floats away. 

Down the waterfall I kick my own ass🦊

Chokes herself punches and kicks. 

Water splashes. 

I'm drowning beshes. 

Moon is drowning beshes 

Falls down the waterfall hit's the Rock's.  I a cockroach. 

I a cockroach I scream..  🦊

Goes to get a burger and man face is like 😵 

And he run's off. 

Eats all the burger's.  Yum 💓💓

Eats a hot dog... Yum 

I beat my own ass 


  • You are good at writing tragic poems. Try it.

    Apr 07, 2019

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