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It all started when a young girl called candice was in primary school and she was about 9-10 yrs old she was talented in singing and poetry

Chapter 1

It was fine at first until she moved to a new school whereby ahe knew no one.the very same day she met a girl called precious who they spent most of their time together and soon they realised they had the same kind of talent which is singing. Soon after that a group of girls " nora,nomsa,thandeka, Thandi and lerato" started insulting and blaming them for something they did not do they accused them pf insulting them anf started lies about candice abd said she said " she only speaks to yellowbones. It all started there .

Then soon candice found out that she has a cousin in that school called "thandi" the same thanfi which went and started lies about her. Candice had no choice but to leave precious for thandi because she thought thandi was a good person even though she was not, precious warned her about thandi, but she did not listen

She then realised it after a while that thandi was not a good friend nor a good person to chill with or trust. Thandi started getting candice into trouble everyday and candice started getting low marks. Guess why ? Because they would chat till late at night and thandi would lie to candice and say she is going to sleep but then she would stay up and study while candice is sleeping.

Candice's parents were disappointed and surprised about candice's marks because before she started chilling with thandi she would get hing marks but now she is dropping

After a week the grd five learners  had to prepare for their prefect speeches , some ofthem knew theirs by head and some did not.candice knew hers by head and she went and presented a good speech infront of the whole primary school, her presentation was very good and exciting because she was not shy .

After two days the bames of those who qualified to be prefects were out but candice was not one of them including thandi she was also not one of them, thandi and candice both felt bad but they did not want to show it. Now thandi called all of them ( the ones which did not qualify) she was forcing them into doing something that they did not want todo and it was too risky and dangerous. As we all know that  thandi was bad news she forced them  until they all agreed. There was another girl called beauty she was also one of those who did not qualify to be prefects. They gorced her to go to a sangoma and get muthi so that they could put it into the HOD's food in order for her to make them prefects .

The next day: the crew met again for a meeting and thandi asked beauty if she had the muthi and beauty agreed, ahe had this colurless salt in her bag so that she could put the muthi into the HOD 's  food.

Now it was break time:thandi started changing her mind and she yold candice that they should tell other learners that beauty is a witch and shebis going to bewitch them.

Now that romour got both candice and thandi into trouble including the crew.

They were calledbinto thebprincipal's office and tgeyvwere shouted at for saying another learneris a witch.

Then candice decided to tell the principal the whole truth, she said :"mam Thandi forced usvto meet up and that was when beauty told us that hee neighbour is a sangoma so thandi thought it was a great idea for beauty to got and get the muthi but mam I dnt blame her because we were all heart broken that we did not qualify. 😭

The HOD then decided to Give them a last chance to go back to class 😊

THE END 😘😘😘😘

#choose ur friends wisely ❤


  • Apr 06, 2019

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