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I can't lie... Because I'm afraid of what God would think of me if I did what that pastor did to me. 

And when he hurt me and I got to watch what God did to hurt him for it. 

After what he did to us....  I can't lie. 

God is so good and so real 

Let me show a light to show you who the liar and the thief is. 💚💓❤❤💙💙💚💚💛

If you're atheist let me still create a light,  make a color of truth...  Hate me for it I don't care. 

Don't wanna hear truth then run away because my god he will hurt you 

You'll get what you sow to butterflies. 

If you don't believe in god well karma still comes back around 

Just like magic 🙌 💜


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